The Get Away Bandit White Bearded Male Wearing A Red T-Shirt, Riding A Dark Color BMX Bicycle Alone On Brayton Point Road & Mohawk Road in Somerset, Ma. Caught In Action On Home Surveillance Breaking Into Cars

August 25, 2018

Chris Murphy


On Friday August 24, 2018 an unknown white male with dark hair and a dark beard wearing a red T-shirt, riding a dark color BMX bicycle alone on Brayton Point Road in Somerset, Ma., The unknown male was caught in action on home surveillance breaking into cars, on Brayton Point Road.  Here’s some photos of the guy. He was also seen On Friday August 24, 2018 at approximately 11:30 P.M. on Mohawk Road in Somerset, Ma riding fast. Anyone recognize him??? Share away please, and let’s work together keeping our neighborhoods safe!!!!! If you see this SCUMBAG contact the Somerset Police Department at 508-679-2138.