Camelot AKA Somerset, Massachusetts Finally Brings In New Tax Dollars and It’s Medical and Recreational Marijuana$$$$$ So Smoke’em If You’ve Got’em and If You Don’t You Can Now Go Get’em$$$$$

March 21, 2018

Chris Murphy

YOUR WELCOME SOMERSET! The Town of Somerset, Massachusetts is again taking another one of Christopher F. Murphy’s  ideas to bringing in tax revenue into Somerset. I, Christopher Murphy since 2008 have been pushing for all of Massachusetts Municipal Partnership Act – Municipal Relief Package- Aimed at relieving pressure on property taxes on cities and towns by Revenue-Raising Proposals that will give us Property Tax Relief.

Remember NONE of THESE Somerset Selectmen wanted or supported any of my plans for years Crooked Baker Donnie Setters, Roofer Scottie, Captain Asbestos-Mold Lebeau, Little Entertainer Davey Berube and Lyin Crooked Holly Lobby McNamara. But these articles went on the warrant after years of Murphy’s long time push for them and making fools of the selectmen, they are 1.) Senior Citizens Town Volunteer Work-Off Property Tax Fee, 2.) Meal Tax on Food & Beverage for a .25% of 1% Increased Food & Beverage Tax bring in additional $247,000.00 a year and now the newest 3.) Medical and Recreational Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Facility ever since 2012 when the Town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts said they were going to have Medical and Recreational Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Facility and now they have Bask, Inc. The Town of Somerset, Massachusetts is going to have a Medical and Recreational Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Facility and that is Solar Therapeutics, Inc.

This One Horse Town, West Fall River, Three Mile Island, Denial Aisle, Stepford Vill, Peyton Place, Camelot AKA Somerset is so far behind!!!!!

ALT-Left, Left Wing Democrats of Camelot or AKA the Town of Somerset, Massachusetts is finally going to take the steps of beating the Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Companies and their Lobbyist by bring in legalized Marijuana for both Medical and Recreational Medicinal Cannabis. It could go down as the night Somerset voters took medical and recreational marijuana into their own hands by approving a pair of zoning bylaws.

Somerset voters pass recreational marijuana law, rezoning for pot facility